1650 map entitled 'Regna Congo et Angola' by Joannes (Johan) Jansson - Janssonium

Fieldwork (2012) on the Kindoki 4
archaeological site, DRC.

Fieldwork (2012) in Nsangi Binsu village,
linguistics research, DRC.

Fieldwork (2015) in Nzambi, Uige province,

After the interview at the National Radio done
by informant of Ndamba, Angola 2015

KONGOKING : Fieldwork & labwork

The "Fieldwork" section will publish at irregular intervals information on the current year's fieldwork we intend to carry out in DRC, in the Republic of Congo and in Angola.
Of course, our planning can be changed at short notice...
We will also publish here abstracts of the field and lab results as we go along.


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC):
> 2012: Summer fieldwork July - August
> 2013: Summer fieldwork June - September
> 2014: Summer fieldwork June - September, team B. Clist
> 2014: Summer fieldwork June - September, team E. Cranshof
> 2015: Summer fieldwork June - September

Republic of Congo:
> 2013: Summer fieldwork August - September
> 2014: Summer fieldwork August - September
> 2015: Summer fieldwork July - August

Republic of Angola:
> 2015: Expertise about the excavations carried out between
   2011 and 2014 in Mbanza Kongo, November


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Republic of Angola:
> 2014: Summer fieldwork June - August, team M. Kaumba
> 2015: Summer fieldwork July - September, team M. Kaumba


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC):
> 2012: Summer fieldwork August - September
> 2012: The linguistics blog of the 2012 summer's fieldwork, August
   4-September 14.
> 2013: Labwork throughout the year, analysis of data collected in 2012.
> 2015: Labwork throughout the year, on newly collected data
> 2015: Linguistic fieldwork in the DRC in 2015

Republic of Angola:
> 2015: November - December, in Cabinda and Uíge provinces

Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo and Angola:

> Digitalization of 17th, 18th and 19th century Kikongo sources all year
   long, continuous project