1650 map entitled 'Regna Congo et Angola' by Joannes (Johan) Jansson - Janssonium

General view of the Kongo University's rectorat
where the meeting was held

Some of the traditional leaders from
Bas-Congo province

The traditional leaders with some of the
KongoKing core members

KONGOKING : Workshops

7 May 2012 : Mbanza-Ngungu presentation workshop

Seven traditional Kongo leaders of the Bas-Congo province and different provincial and district representatives attended the KongoKing workshop held in Mbanza Ngungu.

This workshop was hosted by the Kongo University under the auspices of Prof. J. Sabakinu, the head of its board of directors.

Prof. P. de Maret insisted on the major impact the project will have on our understanding of the history and culture of the old Kongo kingdom and on the unique position the traditional authorities have as intermediaries between their people and our research group.

Each of the traditional leaders was interviewed individually, especially those coming from Mbanza Nsundi and Mbanza Mbata. Important cultural information was recorded (presence of caves, location of old villagers for future interviews, location of several sites of interest (old crosses, churches, ...), existence of local legends of religious value (imprints of the foot of Jesus-Christ on stones, ...).

After the workshop all attendees were invited for lunch where discussions were continued.

Our special thanks go to the Kongo University for hosting this workshop.